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Gen Reynaud is an independent label specializing in a conceptual investigation of forms and materials as applied to day-to-day objects.

This collection of Gen Reynaud handbags, cases and leather goods is the latest work of this intersection of melted forms and reconceived materials.

Each object, in itself an original, versatile, light and subtle sculpture has been constructed piece by piece and made by hand. Perceived as an elegant piece of jewellery, each item has become a unique and dynamic handbag.

Made with high quality natural materials, each model can be opened into a single flat piece, ideal for travel and storage.

Reforming its shape recalls something of the beauty of an Origami ritual.


gen reynaud



Since Octover 2012 Enrique Soler is the Creative Director of Gen Reynaud.

His professional career in architecture, coupled with his vocational training in the world of design, enables him to apply concepts of form and redefine day-to-day objects.

A lover of both fashion and geometry, Enrique channels his abilities and exquisite sensibility into forming new interpretations while working with quality materials and traditional methods.

Indeed, when an architect turns his ability to designing handbags, these are the results.

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